Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shanghai SuperKids Volunteers Visiting Shanghai Children's Home

Janet Fink hols up a child of special need in Shanghai (above)

Dian, Janet and Pat in Shanghai Super Kids shirt (right)

SSK Volunteers with SCH staff and Children. (above)
The man in white shirt is Director Wang from Shanghai Children's Home

Gladney mom, Janet Fink, and two professional therapists, Pat Marcus and Diane Schmidt, of the Shanghai SuperKids just returned from their first volunteer trip to the Shanghai Children's Home. It was a huge success and one they will never forget. While there they saw a total of 300 children and worked with more than 100 of them. They trained at least 20 caretakers and 20 rehabilitation staff. They were able to identify and measure 4 preteens with spinal cord injury who need better wheel chairs and identify and measure a small group of children who need walkers and special chairs to help them sit up and function more normally. On their last day, the director of the Shanghai Children's Home gave each of the volunteers a special certificate that thanked them for their work and for respecting the SCH guidelines. The Shanghai SuperKids are looking to raise more money with the hope to return in October to follow up on the work they began and to see the remaining 400 children. Shanghai SuperKids was initiated by Janet Fink and is a project of Glandey's China Initiative. For more information, please visit

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