Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MJ and Nici Are In China 3--Nanchang--Gotcha!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

On Sunday, we left Beijing for Nanchang and arrived at approximately 12:45 pm. We were met by our new guide who brought us to our hotel. While enroute to the hotel, she informed us that we would meet our babies! When we arrived at the hotel, we only had about 2 hours to get ready and freshen up before leaving for the CCAA office. After what seemed like an endless drive, we finally arrived at the building. We had to take and elevator up to the 26th floor. When we arrived, the babies had not arrived, so we had to wait for them. We paced the floor for what seemed like hours. Finally, the babies arrived! None of them were crying. They all were so good and it was such a wonderful moment to finally meet our daughter. Words cannot explain how we felt. Also, my greatest fear of not recognizing her, went out the window. I knew her right when I saw her! The CCAA building was very hot and miserable. It seemed like we were there forever.
When we got back to the hotel, we changed Meghan and dressed her in a 9mos outfit. We quickly learned that she would need a couple of 6 month outfits because she is so tiny. We did not expect her to be so little! We took her to dinner with our group and she is such a good little eater! After dinner we took her back to the room and played with her until bathtime. She did great in the tub, but whimpered when we first put her in the little tub the hotel provided. After bathtime we soothed her and she fell asleep on my chest, while her daddy worked on some paperwork for the CCAA.
Here are some pictures from our special day!

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