Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to Zhenjiang ( 4 ) - Sightseeing in Zhenjiang

Zhenjiang (4) – Sightseeing

By Mitchell Senft

We then checked in the lovely but thin-walled International Hotel, made appropriate arrangements, freshened and then was taken to the Golden Temple(?), a temple in a park by the river. It is in a new park along the river, a sort of cornice, with high rises along or going up along its far side -- urban renewal, except the temple was closed. So we headed out to an early dinner at the Mickey D's on the main shopping drag on which the hotel was located. Lily said, and proved, that my beloved DVDs were on the side streets off the main drag (which was essentially all retail). Two FF2s (at least one in English; second one an accident), a boxed set of relatively low-res Bond films (English with Chinese subtitles), Ocean's 13 and Pan's Labyrinth -- for a hopping 100 yuan. (Got the second FF2 by discombobulating the woman in charge making her show us that the advertised disc was actually in the package and that it was in English.) The main drag was certainly adequate, no hick town thing. Zhenjiang has grown up these past ten years. It's a popping little city now. Then home to sleep -- while Shayna stayed up with FF2, which was still awesome, she advised.

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