Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chinese New Year Traditions

It is time to prepare for Chinese New Year! To say good bye to the year of the Dragon and pray for luck in the Year of the Snake, 4711. This year, the holiday begins on February 10th and continues for fifteen days, ending with the lantern festival on February 24th.
Also known as Chinese Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, this important holiday is celebrated around the globe starting with Chinese New Year's Eve, a day when Chinese families gather from near and far for their annual reunion dinner. Below, one Gladney family shares their Chinese New Year Traditions.

"New Year is the Chinese tradition that our family has completely embraced. We fill the house with flowers, pay all of our debts, clean out our closets. Then we go to Chinatown and eat dumplings at Joey's Shanghai. More than parades and the dragons, our Chinese New Year is a time to reflect and renew, and it does the trick year after year after year!"
- Tina B.

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