Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's Greeting

We are excited about a New Year with many possibilities in 2013!

We are truly beginning to see the results of our advocacy efforts take root and grow! More and more families are learning about the children who are waiting for a family through word-of-mouth from Gladney families who are committed to sharing their stories with friends and families in hopes that others will explore adoption!

As we celebrate the start of a New Year on the Gregorian Calendar, we are also preparing for the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Snake. Many consider the Year of the Snake to be a year of transformation. For parents who will welcome their children home this year, that transformation will be especially wonderful as they watch their children bloom before their eyes. For the Gladney Asia Team, we expect to have great transformation this year as well.

We look forward to expansion of our Superkids Charity work with Patricia Marcus and other pediatric therapists. They not only bring life changing education to the children living in orphanages, but also bring these children to life by seeing beyond their profile information and conveying their observations to waiting families!

If we all considered just one more New Year's resolution -- To spread the word about the children who wait for families, . . . imagine the possibilities for each child who waits to be adopted, loved and celebrated!   

Happy New Year to All, from Gladney's Asia Staff!

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