Friday, August 11, 2006

The Kathryn and Whitney Journals (3) - Kathryn: The Looong Wait!

First, let me say that our wait was nothing compared to the wait some of you are enduring right now. But it's a truism that when it's YOUR baby you're waiting for, every day is an eternity...

I've selected the three biggest things from my list of things that got me through the wait:

1) Third on the list: The Inspector Chen Mystery series by Qiu Xiaolong. (available at, from Soho Crime Press, or at Barnes and Noble): These are not just mysteries, but wonderful atmospheric books set in Shanghai in the big period of economic transition in the early '90's under Deng Xiaoping. and a lot on the history of the Cultural Revolution, too. A really fun, enjoyable way to absorb Chinese culture AND the mysteries are intricate--I've read two in the series so far and didn't guess either ending!! Highly recommended. My mother hates mysteries but really enjoyed "A Loyal Character Dancer."

2. Second on the list: My all-time favorite online adoption support group, Adopting From China. The URL is The moderator of this group encourages debate and discourse, and it's a highly active group. I love the MSN format, too, much to my Mac-loving husband's chagrin...much easier than the Yahoo format. I garnered a wealth of information from being a part of this group, and still check in with it daily. If you want to join, go to the group and mention that Steph recommended you's a private group, but your approval will come much more quickly if you mention my name!

3. And the number 1, biggest thing that helped me through the wait: Our son, James! It's so much easier to wait when you already have a child, and I salute people who go through this agonizing, uncertain wait for their first would have driven me crazy! James graduated preschool and started kindergarten in a new school during the months we waited for Kathryn, and he kept us hoppin'! It was also just so much fun to see him share in the excitement and anticipation of getting a new baby sister from China. Thanks for helping keep Mommy centered on the important things in life, James!!

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