Sunday, August 27, 2006

Report from China - It's Official!

It's official! Steven is holding the official Adoption Certificate and Christian is holding Susan. On the left is a Chinese adoption official.

Steven and Christian are in Harbin, China with their new daughter Susan now. The following is from their blog. To follow their daily experiences in China, one may read their "Journey to Susan." - Gongzhan

By Steven & Christian

As many of you know, we have been going through this adoption process for a very long time. We first began the process in June of 2005. After research, physicals, fingerprints, background checks and home studies we sent our “Dossier” to China. While waiting on our Dossier to be logged in, it seemed the waiting time for referrals was growing longer and longer. Our Dossier was officially logged in on January 29, 2006. Due our impatience and the apparent increase in demand for healthy infants we started to research older children. Christian requested information about waiting children from our agency in April. On April 20th we received the profile of three wonderful children. On April 22nd we received photos of all three children. I looked at the photos first and felt an immediate, overwhelming attachment to Ms. Ai Jing Dang “jing jing”. Christian phoned and I told her I was looking at our daughter. She quickly felt the same connection and from that moment Ai Jing has been a part of our family. On July 25th we received our official travel approval to go and pick Ai Jing (now Susan Lea) named for our dear friend Susan and my mother Mona Lea. Our travel date is August 20th and we will see our daughter for the first time on August 22nd or 23rd. To our family, friends and colleagues you have been incredibly supportive. This on line journal is for you to follow and share in the most important two weeks of our life. Our love for you all is surpassed only by our love for our new daughter……..

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