Sunday, August 27, 2006

Report from China - A Gramma's Observation

Parrish and Jan are adopting twins from China. Alex and Sydney. They have just completed the adoption process in Nanning, and then had boating on the Li River in Guilin. And they also paid a visit to Yulin where their twin daughters spent the first few months of their life. - Gongzhan

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday: Mimi speaks (types)

Yesterday was emotional when the babies were turned over to their new families. It was very precious. This morning was even more emotional as I watched Jan and Parrish promise to take care of their girls and place their thumb prints over their signatures on two sets of adoption papers and then place the footprints of each child on their respective papers. After all families has gone through the same process, we were gathered together in one room and were given boxes for each child as well as pictures of the girls together. But not only that, we received the notes left with them that stated their birth dates as well as the time they were born. It was very moving.

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