Monday, August 28, 2006

Report from China - Here She Is!


Another lovely day. David, Sutton and I spent the morning making our adoption official. By around 11:00am we were dubbed Mommy and Daddy! Yipee!Over the last two years, I've dreamed of our adoption. I prayed for the same thing as when I was pregnant with Ethan. I hoped for a healthy, happy, and independent child. For with that, the world would be his/her oyster. Of course, this time I asked for the same. Well, my prayers were answered. And to top it off, this little girl is so mellow it blows our minds. She's cheery, calm, and is just a treat. Even one of the other families mentioned how she clearly already fits in with our family. We're just so blessed. Both of our children are a dream come true.

Yesterday, during an information meeting about 2 hours after we met Sutton, we learned much about her. I thought I'd share. First, Sutton and all of the babies from our group spent the last 2 months in foster care. This is a BIG deal for an orphaned child. She takes THREE naps a day and has only had 5-6 bottles (formula/rice), ever! She's getting her baby food tonight. She loves to socialize and is very easy with other children (you should see her with Ethan and the others!) Her favorite color is red. We figured this out before they told us and it's Ethans favorite color too! Finally, she's a great sleeper and we found that out last night. Straight thru!Today we received the note that her birth mother left with her on the doorstep of the Yulin hospital. It's on a small red (good luck in China) piece of paper. It was very surreal seeing it. We also received photos of Sutton with her foster mother, dirt from the orphanage,and her finding photo. ~It's in the newspaper immediately after she's found to give the birth mother an opportunity to reclaim her.

There is not a word is the dictionary to describe our event just a little over an hour ago. We went on a bus to another hotel type of establishment. Off the elevator, we were escorted to this large room. An official made a quick thank you speech and in walked the caregivers with our children. ~Breathtaking. Finally they called, Mr. Dean and, what can I say. She went to David, gave us all a big smile and the love began. We're beyond thrilled.

- from eutton elizabeth

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