Thursday, August 10, 2006

Understanding and Learning

Well, waiting is kind of out of our realm of understanding, so we have decided to dig in deep and start the process of understanding Chinese culture and learning the language.

There are limited local resources for learning the Chinese language in our area. Both of us are strapped for available time to do much of anything outside of our normal routines (conducting an orchestra, playing an orchestra, running a chamber ensemble, running a private geological consulting business, working as a middle school music teacher, collecting clothing and toys for the needy, hosting summer AFS exchange students, spending time with our sons, and remodeling the house). Our solution to the problem was to accept an AFS exchange student from China for the coming academic year. We are looking forward to the addition to our family and the benefits all of us will reap from this relationship.

Still waiting for the referral, but not much time in our lives to worry or think about it!

Kyle and Christine Kayler
Mahopac, NY

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