Monday, March 12, 2007

Katie Xing Xing Goes To Chinatown For Gladney's CNY Celebration!!

Mom Monica and Dad Paul brought Katie Xing Xing for her big reunion with two roommates from Chongquing! Here are some pictures from Katie's exciting Chinese New Year celebration at the Jing Fong Restaurant in NYC's Chinatown!

In the first picture, Mom Monica is trying to distract Katie from joining the performers on the stage by dancing with her!
Roommates Reunited--Katie, Hayli and Valerie--Chongqing girls together again!
Mom Jodi with Hayli, Dad Peter with Valerie, and Dad Paul with Katie!
Mom Sue and Dad Peter with Valerie and her mei mei, Victoria!
And finally, a girl can only take so much excitement....tired out after the big day!

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