Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chris & Stephanie in China - Guangzhou (7)

The carp in the garden fighting for food

A pretty view of part of the garden

Sarah Ji Ji contemplating a rose

Samson's wife Chrysan the mum with their baby Shi Pung, and yours truly with Sarah! Yes, their baby is absolutely adorable--and only about 6 weeks old!

Hi All,

Today we spent a nice day with Samson and his family. First we went to a restored Ming Dynasty garden outside Guangzhou, called Baomo Park. It was beautiful and we spent a few hours wandering around. Then we went back to Samson's home for a delicious dumpling dinner! We were honored to be invited to his home in this way!

Tomorrow we go to Yangjiang to see Ji Ji's SWI. We can't go inside, but will at least see the outside and the city of her birth.

Kathryn and James, we miss and love you very much!!!

Steph and Chris-- Stephanie

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