Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chris & Stephanie in China - Guangzhou ( 2 )

Yu Garden in Shanghai

Yu Garden - Dumplin Shop

Hi All,
Guess what--we have a laptop! No, we didn't go crazy and buy one. Samson, the greatest guide ever, has lent us his old one while we are here! This is great because it means we can email from the room and inundate, er, send just a few pictures to you all very easily now.:-). So here are a few of the many pictures we took in Shanghai over the weekend. The first one is on the Bund Sat. evening, with the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong (economic development zone across the Huangpu river from the Bund) in the background. The second one is in the YuYuan Gardens, and the third is a shot taken while we were waiting in line to have the justifiably famous Shanghai dumplings, at a place right outside the YuYuan gardens.

In other news, Chris discovered the Guangzhou Toy Market this afternoon (Sarah and I were along to witness the experience of course!), and we had a delicious dinner across the bridge from Shamian Island at a real local restaurant Samson took us to. Unbelievably good!!

I'm going to send a few pictures from the adoption proceedings this morning in a separate email.

Oh, did I mention Sarah Ji Ji goes to sleep all by herself in her crib? And that she slept through the night until 7 AM last night? She is sleeping peacefully as I type. And, she is a thumb sucker. She is our third child and the first one to suck her thumb!!

As always, loads of hugs and kisses, and be good, James and Kathryn! xoxoxoxo

Steph and Chris and Sarah Ji Ji-- Stephanie

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