Sunday, March 18, 2007

Chris and Stephanie in China - Shanghai (2)

HI All,

The internet is much cheaper at this hotel than usual, so taking advantage of that to send another email. Speaking of the hotel, we really like it (the Panorama in Shanghai). We have a suite complete with large living room , and the restaurant on the 30th floor not only has a good breakfast buffet but also spectacular views of the Bund and Pudong!

Last night we enjoyed strolling along the Bund with the spectacular views of Pudong across the river.

Today was very busy and we saw the old, new and future Shanghai. We started with the Yu Gardens (begun in the Ming dynasty) and surrounding bazaar. Chris and I waited in line for 45 minutes to have dumplings at a shop right by the Yu Gardens that is very popular with the Shanghainese, and recommended by our guide Jane. It was worth every minute of the wait! Then we went to the Jade Buddha Temple, had a delicious dim sum lunch (yes, we are enjoying the food!!!) and went off to see the future vision of Shanghai at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. From there we went to Xin Tiandi and saw the Shikumen (Shanghai style architecture) Museum. Xin Tiandi is a new shopping , restaurants, bars, coffee shop etc. center fashioned from old Shikumen houses.

Finally we drove by the Shanghai LIbrary, the largest in Asia, so we could take a picture!!

Tomorrow we leave very early for the airport to catch our flight to Guangzhou. By 4 pm China time we should have our Ji Ji! We have really enjoyed our time in Shanghai and our guide Jane was great.

We will try to email again as soon as we can after we have Ji Ji, and hopefully include a picture!

James and Kathryn, lots of love and kisses!! Be good.

Steph and Chris-- Stephanie

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