Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chris & Stephanie in China ( 8 )

Hi All,

Today we went to Sarah Ji Ji's SWI. We couldn't go inside due to new rules and restrictions imposed by the province, but we were able to go into the courtyard and the nannies waved down.

The SWI was in Yang Dong County, which is around 250 KM from a lot of time in the car today! After we visited the SWI and her abandonment spot, we went to the neighboring city of Yangjiang where Chris fulfilled one of his goals of this trip...having a cup of corn at a McDonald's--a treat you will not find at any stateside McDonald's!

Tomorrow we will go to the blessing at the temple in the morning, then we are moving off Shamian Island to the brand new Holiday Inn just across the bridge in Guangzhou proper. In the afternoon we hope to do a little shopping.:-).

Sarah Ji Ji has been back in her crib the last 2 nights after spending one long night with Mama! Yeah!!! The key seems to be as little room time as possible. She just does not like hanging out in the hotel unless she is sleeping. Her sister Kathryn was the exact same way last year!! Is it bad feng shui??

The pictures are at the SWI, at McDonald's in Yangjiang, and at a nice lake on the way out of Yangjiang.

Love to all--especially you, James and Kathryn!!!

Steph and Chris

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