Friday, March 23, 2007

Chris & Stephanie in China - Guangzhou ( 6 )

Mommy and Sarah by the waterfall in the White Swan Hotel

Pictures of the White Cloud Mountain

Samson and Daddy comparing electronics prices in our hotel room

Today we went to White Cloud Mountain, a beautiful scenic area, and got some good exercise walking up part of it. Then after a delicious lunch which included beef with lily petals, we went to the notary to pick up some papers. This evening poor Sarah seems to have had enough of everything and has cried and cried. It's a lot for a little 18 month old baby to process! We think she might be grieving the loss of her old life and routine. Poor little one. But, we went through this with her big sister also and know that she will be fine in the long run...just takes lots of patience.

Steph-- PS: Chris just came back from walking JiJi around the hotel and she is asleep! Yeah!!Stephanie

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