Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chris & Stephanie in China - Guangzhou (1 - a)

Hi Everyone,
Sorry no pics yet...the place we went to last year can't do it at least today.:-(. Hopefully we will be able to send some soon, if not we will have some for you when we get back!

Sarah Ji Ji is soft, lovely, and more self-contained and quiet than her sister was, although definitely still scared and crying sometimes. She sort of shut down after we got back to the hotel yesterday and curled up with her blanket and slept through the night! This morning she ate a bowl of congi though, and some French toast, and she just had some rice for lunch. We are going through the adoption process with Samson yesterday, today and tomorrow, and will then have time for sightseeing in earnest starting on Thursday. Samson as usual is wonderful, and the White Swan is just as always--we don't have a river view right now but we are switching rooms tomorrow so we will get one.

More later! Kathryn and James, we are thinking about you all the time and miss you very much!!! Big kisses.

Steph and Chris-- Stephanie

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