Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chris & Stephanie in China ( 9 ) - Guangzhou

Samson at work

Physical Examination in a clinic on the Simian Island.

(This physical examination is a part of the U.S. visa application process in Guangzhou, China.)

In a Chinese temple, getting blessed.


Chris here,while Stephanie is taking a much-needed break. Sarah is suffering from a cold, making her cling even more tightly to Stephanie. In the morning, we went to the Six Bayan temple for a traditional blessing as can be seen in the first three photos attached to this message. Afterwards, we moved from the White Swan to the brand-new Holiday Inn Shifu Guangzhou, which is located in a lively shopping district, as can be seen in the fourth photo. -- Chris

Child Blessing by a Monk in a Temple

Bi Sheng Ke Happy Restaurant - as the Chinese characters read.

On the Simian Island


Chris here again, manning the computer while Stephanie & Sarah make an early night of it. Today was a quiet day by choice, since both ladies are feeling under the weather. The early afternoon was taken up by Sarah's health exam, as can be seen in the first photo. She received a clean bill of health, and although she did not care for the poking and prodding at all, she came through the exam with far fewer tears than her big sister did last year. Afterwards, our facilitator Samson accompanied us back to our room to help us complete some of the final paperwork of the trip. In the second photo, you can see him hard at work. The morning, and the remainder of the afternoon, were taken up with exploring the neighborhood surrounding our hotel, and making note of the many wonderfully strange and exotic choices a visitor has for dining in the area (see final two photos) -- Christopher

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