Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chris & Stephanie in China - Guangzhou ( 3 )

Sarah Ji Ji asleep last night

This morning at the Guangdong Adoption Center with the staff from the Yang Dong SWI (Ji Ji's orphanage)

with the notary at the Adoption Center

After it was all over, stealing a sip of Mommy's soda at lunch time!

Hi Again All,

After this we will be caught up and I'll be able to just send a couple of pics each day.:-).

Ji Ji ate well for us today and just like her "big" sister, is happy to eat a lot of solid food. She has a mouthful of teeth already! She didn't drink much bottle and the orphanage staff said that she only drinks one in the morning. We also think we might have to cut a bigger hole in the bottle nipple for her.

We got a very nice stroller today at the Toy Market for just $20. She hated it at first but got used to it pretty quickly. She is not terribly heavy, but heavy enough to not be able to carry her all day!

Oh, and for those who will be traveling here in the future-- a couple of exciting new conveniences here on Shamian Island! First, there are a couple of new ATMs by the first floor entrance to the White Swan. Citibank and HSBC, especially for overseas card members. And, just as important--there is a Starbucks!!! A very nice one in one of the nice colonial buildings. I was very happy to finish off my authentic local delicious Chinese meal tonight with a Frappucino.:-).

Steph-- Stephanie

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