Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chris and Stephanie in China - Shanghai

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hi Everybody!

We arrived Friday night after the usual grueling 13 1/2 hour flight to Beijing, made longer by the fact that the plane was delayed by an hour because someone canceled their trip at the last minute! However, they made up the time in the air pretty well and we made our connecting flight to Shanghai without any problems. We arrived at our hotel around midnight Shanghai time and were awake again by 6 am! Gotta love jetlag. We pushed through the jetlag all day today though with a full day of sightseeing--the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which has great views (it was clear and sunny today) and also a Shanghai history museum, the silk factory (we got your scarf Mom), a delicious sweet and sour pork lunch, and then the Shanghai Museum this afternoon! We'll go up to the room in a few hours and rest up before heading out to the Bund this evening, but wanted to send this quick email first.

James and Kathryn, we miss you very much and hope you are having lots of fun with Nanny, Grandma and Big T. Don't forget to do your homework James, and you have Spanish class on Monday. See Mommy still reminds you even when I'm in China! Kathryn, you be a good girl.

Tomorrow we have another full day of sightseeing and then Monday morning we are off to Guangzhou. We should have our Ji Ji (Sarah) in the afternoon on Monday, and will try to email with a picture or two shortly after that!

Hope you are all well!

That's all for now--

Steph and Chris-- Stephanie

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