Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BBC Reports from YINGXIU

• About 7,700 dead out of a population of 10,000
• Almost half of the survivors were reported to be badly injured
• Rescuers had to trek to the town as roads were blocked by landslides and they found the place "much worse than expected", Xinhua reported
• Hundreds of soldiers have been sent in by helicopter and boat
Reporters from Xinhua travelled with soldiers by boat to Yingxiu and arrived shortly early on Wednesday.
"Powerboats were busy bringing soldiers into the town and sending injured villagers out when the reporters arrived¿ A photo sent back by the reporters showed a dozen local people, with their luggage, waiting anxiously at the river bank where the soldiers' boats landed¿ In [another] photo, soldiers with huge backpacks were trekking through the mountainous region, where long and deep fissures were seen in the ground," Xinhua said.

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