Friday, May 16, 2008

Update From Half The Sky

HTS Director, Child Development, Ma Lang has arrived in Chengdu and sends
this note:
I am deeply touched by your moral and emotional support. I only slept two
of the past thirty hours. The first thing I did after landing was to
donate some medicine to the Chengdu Red Cross. It was very much
appreciated – exactly what was needed. They gave me a wish list for
further donations: antibiotics for children and adults, medicine for
diarrhea, cold capsules (not instant medicines that must be mixed in
water), bandages, gauze, tape, iodine, cotton swabs, herbal medicine to
stop bleeding and some for pain relief. Other much-needed donations
include tents, tarpaulins, warm clothes and shoes. People in Chengdu are
doing everything they can to help with the earthquake rescue. I saw all
sorts of vehicles carrying things to the donation centers. I registered
for blood donation and was put on the waiting list – the blood center was
overloaded with donated blood and it’s difficult to transport the blood to
the hardest-hit areas. More to come… Lang

Here is the confirmed information we have regarding welfare institutions:

The following institutions not mentioned in yesterday’s note suffered no
serious damage:
Chengdu 2nd SWI, Chengdu 3rd SWI, Ziyang SWI, Neijing CWI, Chengdu SOS
children’s village, Leshan SWI, Ganzi CWI, Guang’an SWI, Suining SWI

The following report damage, but, again, no injuries. Your generous
donations will help meet all of these requests for assistance:

Bazhon CWI – Severe damage to building; children are fine.

Meishan SWI – Cracks in buildings, have evacuated all children (50+) to
tents. They have adequate food, water and clothes but request 20 cribs
and bedding.

Guangyuan SWI – Damaged buildings, all children have been in tents for 4-5
days, often in the blazing sun. They request food, baby formula water,
diapers, bedding and other daily necessities. They urgently need drugs
and food supplements to protect against disease and heatstroke.

Nanchong SWI – There was substantial damage to buildings, all children
(100+, more than half under 6 years-old) are living in tents. They need
more tents, disposable diapers, children’s clothing, wagons, cribs and

Deyang CWI – Dormitory for school-age children was severely damaged.
Although the other buildings seem fine, pending inspection, all children
and staff have been moved to tents. There has been constant rain and much
that was pulled from the buildings has been ruined. They request bedding
and children’s clothing. They still have disposable diapers left from our
assistance during the winter storms but will be running out of those as
well as infant formula in the coming days.

Mianyang Zitong CWI (update) – Children have been moved back from the
military base to a safe building in the institution. There is adequate
food and water but they request clothes, bedding, infant formula, diapers
and medicine for colds. They are now caring for 66 children, 23 of them
under 2 years.

Sadly, 24 new orphans – earthquake survivors - arrived at the institution

We are still unable to reach these orphanages: Abazhou CWI (52 children)
and Mianzhu SWI

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