Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bright Futures Camp - China

Back in 2002, Gladney began Bright Futures Camps as a way to raise awareness about older children living in orphanages. Thousands of children remain in orphanages, and sadly, the older a child gets, the less likely they are to experience the gift of family through adoption. With its first camp, 11 Russian children traveled to the Dallas/Fort area for an opportunity to stay with host families and experience family life. Since then, children from Russia and Ethiopia have traveled to the United States for a chance at one simple pleasure -- experiencing what it means to have a loving family and home.

Gladney is pleased to announce Bright Futures Camp - China, and a change in destination. Rather than bringing children to the United States, this year adventurous prospective parents are invited to travel to China. What an exciting opportunity to brighten the life of a child living in an orphanage, and experience the culture first hand.

Based on Gladney’s successful US based Bright Futures Camp, this camp offers a fun-filled week of camp activities including site seeing and the opportunity to spend time with a loving prospective family. Being in China offers some additional benefits to both parents and children. By going to China, families can spend more time with their child before placement and have the opportunity to experience Chinese culture first hand –- both of these experiences will help build a strong foundation and bond. Additionally, because the children remain on familiar turf, they experience less culture shock and feel more at ease with prospective parents.

For more information about Bright Futures Camp – China, please log on to If you or someone you know might be interested in any of Gladney’s Bright Futures Camps, please contact Elizabeth Johnson at

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