Monday, May 05, 2008

Spring News from Whitney

We have had a great few weeks. Not only was Whitney accepted into our first choice nursery school, but she was accepted to every school to which we applied! This is not an easy accomplishment in New York City. We accompanied Whitney's father, Jeff, on a business trip to Palm Beach. Jeff didn't have much time to spend at the pool and beach but Whitney and I sure enjoyed ourselves! We continue to endure the long, long, long wait for Whitney's mei mei. Fingers crossed that things start speeding up again soon.

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Krista said...

Hi Bethanne,
Thank you for dropping by my blog. I did take lots and lots of photos of the DJ SWI and of the surrounding areas.
Do you belong to the Dianjiang yahoo group?
There is also a site called DJ kids International, and I am responsible for posting everyones photos from all of their trips. Let me know if you need the website, or the password.