Friday, May 16, 2008

The Guiyang Moms

Also from an article on Xinhuanet:

More than 10,000 “Guiyang Moms” came forward to adopt orphans from the current earthquake. Guiyang city is the capital of Guizhou province, which is the neighboring province of Sichuan.

The first photo shows the Guiyang city bureau of civil affairs recruiting families to adopt newly orphaned children. The second photo is people filling out adoption applications.

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Anonymous said...

What will happen to our Child that has already been matched with us? We already recieved our LOA and are waiting to travel to get him. He is in Deyang one of the hardest hit cities. I'm so worried that he will be offered up to local families. We've been waiting 6 months to get him, losing him would be devastating for our whole family.