Thursday, May 15, 2008

Half the Sky Earthquake Report

As of now, Thursday afternoon in China, there are 14,866 people confirmeddead, 14,463 in Sichuan Province. There are 22,438 people reportedmissing – 21,020 of them in Deyang alone. There have been 3,300aftershocks and they continue. Here is the confirmed information we have regarding children in welfareinstitutions: Chengdu: The city continues to experience aftershocks and the institutiondirector is afraid the water supply will be cut off again, so hasrequested disposable diapers. They are having trouble finding sufficientsupplies of milk and formula. All children in foster care have beenlocated and are fine. The institution has structural cracks but was builtto current earthquake standards and is fundamentally solid. All thechildren remain on the first floor of the children’s building, mostly inthe cafeteria, and, weather-permitting, outside while awake. Chongqing and Yibin orphanages are fine – no building damage, no shortageof supplies.

The orphanages below report problems. However, please note that not asingle child has been injured; all are fine:- Zigong CWI needs bedding, powdered milk, crackers and disposable diapers- Neijiang CWI has suffered some structural damage; one or two children’sdormitories, office building and laundry room have cracked walls.- Nanchong 2nd SWI has cracks in walls, substantial damage to the ceilingof a staff building, needs tents- Mianyang Zitong CWI has severely damaged walls. Children have beenmoved to a military base. Urgent need for diapers, bedding, powdered milkand purified waterHanzhong CWI (Shaanxi)- Quite a few water pipes burst, the water tower hadcracks. Children have been evacuated and there is need for more tents,bedding and purified water. We’ve posted a few photos on our website.Dujiangyan SWI has evacuated all children. They have no tap water orelectricity in their temporary shelter. They urgently need food, purifiedwater, diapers and powdered milk.We are still unable to reach these institutions: Deyang CWI (78 children),Abazhou CWI (52 children), Guangyuan SWI, Mianzhu SWI

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