Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update on Deyang County SWI

From Love Without Boundaries:

What I heard was that everyone was safe and they had
moved, but all the stores are closed and there is no
power. There have been 400+ deaths in Deyang so it
must have been bad there. Our nutrition director is
calling Ms. Wu to see if there is anything we can
do...for now I think the Red Cross will be taking care
of things, but I don't know yet when they will be able
to return to the SWI. I'm sure they would have told us
if there was any problem with the school kids, but
will know more tomorrow. Ms. Wu said they were getting
gasoline to run a generator, but I don't know yet
where they are. But they are okay. My guess is that
they will be able to return to the SWI when the
aftershocks are over.

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